Electrical Test Midlands

Electrical Test Midlands

Established in 2001, maintaining founding Company Directors’ involvement, means all levels of business expertise are available to you.

ETM employs salaried engineers to conduct your Fixed Wire Testing, qualified to a minimum City & Guilds 2382-10 and 2391-01 or equivalent.

ETM actively work throughout England and Wales, please contact us to discuss your business requirements, with our years of experience we can provide quotes accurately and in a timely fashion.

Keeping You Safe & Compliant Is Our Business

ETM Employee Providing Quotation
Family Run Business

Our Approach

Our approach to our clients’ requirements has been maintained since our conception. ETM have maintained the personal team and family run business communication and service levels as we have grown.

Speaking directly to your allocated team members without trawling through multiple telephone options speeds up access to your project details and updates. Direct access to a trained team with the expert knowledge to immediately assist you.

Established in 2001, maintaining founding Company Directors’ involvement, means all levels of business expertise are available to you. Ensuring that all queries relating to compliance frequency, technical requirements and project planning to suit you and your circumstances.

ETM is an electrical testing specialist, also offering general electrical contracting services. ETM employs salaried engineers to conduct your Fixed Wire Testing, qualified to a minimum City & Guilds 2382-10 and 2391-01 or equivalent. Our accreditations are a testament to our commitment to provide expert, technical and safe services. We are able to advise and support clients while adhering to the stringent requirements you need to ensure you are compliant and safe.

Our Process

Electrical Compliance


  • Phone Call, Email, Live Chat
  • BDM communicate with client to expand on requirements
  • Agree site visit
  • Quote
  • Confirm approval of quote and deliverables

Project Management

  • Pass to Planning
  • Assign Project Manager to oversee the works
  • Agree dates, assign qualified engineers

Project Deliverables

  • Carry out works as agreed, keeping client updated at all times of project progress
  • Report/s uploaded to office before engineer leaves site
  • Process and verification of work completed



  • QS to oversee works and sign off
  • Reports uploaded to client portal

Customer Service

  • Client informed by email of their username and password
  • Follow up phone call to ensure that the client has received all the information and they are happy with our services
  • Within 24 Hours BDM contacts client to discuss outcome of works and future projects

Reminder Service

  • Keep client updated with auto email from reporting portal to assigned client email address – Phone call from ETM 3 months prior to test due date
Electrical Testing

ETM & The Environment

ETM frequently review current Environmental Policy and Action Plan ETM (Electrical Test Midlands) are ISO 14001 accredited.

Eliminating the use of paper, all reporting is generated electronically. All reports are uploaded to our website portal which again eradicates use of paper.

Our vehicles are tracked to ensure we send the nearest qualified engineer for the next job which reduces fuel consumption. We analyse how our people travel to and from our sites: encouraging shared vehicles, public transport and cycling to work where possible.

We are an Upper Tier Waste Carrier, which ensures any waste that is generated by ETM is monitored. Reduce waste created and where possible to reuse and recycle before responsible disposal of surplus materials; to use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.

We work with our staff, clients and suppliers to ensure all of our buildings operations run as environmentally friendly possible.

Review what we buy – sourcing goods with low environmental impact and working with local suppliers wherever possible. Working to ensure minimum impact on the environment, please inform us of any specific policies you have in place and let’s improve together.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

At Electrical Test Midlands Ltd, corporate responsibility is an integral part of how we do business. Being a responsible company is fundamental to our long-term sustainability.

We are committed to creating sustainable value for our clients, our employees and the communities in which we live and work. In the UK, we demonstrate our commitment to corporate responsibility with numerous regional initiatives and the dedication of both time and money. Electrical Test Midlands Ltd has a major presence in the Midlands and North South regions of the UK, employing local people, connecting clients, companies and communities. We are proud that through our regional events we make substantial economic contributions to both the business and charitable community.

This is supported by our active investment in communities and our charitable giving programme. Through this, we aim to enhance our contribution to the UK economy and make a positive difference to the regional communities where our events take place. Electrical Test Midlands are exceptionally proud of the work our charities do within our regional communities. We have had the privilege of supporting the work of Macmillan, Mind, St Giles & Well Wishers

We aim to continue to make a significant investment in our community investment programme and support corporate fundraising and volunteering for all charities and registered good causes. Each year we adopt and support many regional charities across the UK as well as a national charity. The ethos of our business is giving back and that is why we ensure that our regional events are always about business and community.