Venus Awards

Our very own Nadine Jones Director of Electrical Test Midlands Ltd at the Venus Awards.

Referred to as the Working Women’s Oscars, the Venus Awards were formed in 2009 to recognize, reward and celebrate local working women in business. The Venus Awards began in Dorset and has since exploded into other regions across the country. Culminating with an annual National Final that truly represents the inspirational women who balance and juggle their lives relentlessly and unconditionally, who inject their communities with a sense of feminine robustness and solidity only a woman can provide.

Women play such a pivotal role in our local economies, it is crucial that hard-working business women have the spotlight shone upon them. As the Venus phenomenon rolls on across the country, more women in business will stand up and let the world know what they do, how they do it, and the challenges they face. This typically leads to more women helping each other through mentoring, networking and plain old doing business together. Raising awareness of the successful women in our midst and publicly acknowledging them underlines the economic force women have become.

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