Emergency light testing

Emergency light testing.

What can you expect from ETM?

A typical emergency lighting test will consist of each circuit supplying emergency light being isolated in an attempt to establish that the battery in the emergency light fittings can keep all exits sufficiently lit in the event of power failure.

Unfortunately, there will be some periods whereby you will have to be without your lighting circuits. However, we are an experienced contractor that’s prepared to listen to your needs, and then create a schedule for working around them in order to keep you legal without affecting the running of your business.

Your Report Will Include:

Details of your lighting system
Circuit info & test findings
List of items inspected & tested
Details of deviations from the British standard

The latter will require your attention to ensure compliance with current UK legislation and to protect you from legal liabilities resultant of negligence towards your emergency lighting system.

Following an inspection of an emergency lighting installation, ETM will issue a certification that will detail the specific nature of the inspection – along with any departures from BS5266 that may exist.

Fixed Wire Test frequency

Fixed Wire Test frequency
Fixed Wire Test frequency

Periodic Fixed Installation Testing (or Fixed Wire Testing) involves testing the electrical circuits and systems that distribute electricity around a building. It covers all the hard wiring in a building, whether that building is commercial, industrial or residential.  All electrical circuits in a building that are fixed, such as lighting, socket outlets, supplies to air conditioning and other fixed plant need to be tested.  You can find guidance for this testing and inspection process within BS7671 (The IEE Wiring Regulations).

Test frequency on new builds will be set by the designer responsible for the fixed wire installation. Thereafter it is specified by the test engineer in line with the following guidelines:

Maximum period 5 years between inspections and testing

  • Commercial (or change of occupancy)
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Hospitals
  • Educational establishments
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Public Houses

Maximum period 3 years between inspections and testing:

  • Industrial
  • Leisure complexes (excl pools)
  • Theaters
  • Agricultural & horticultural

Note that for some special installations (eg swimming pools, petrol stations, caravan parks) the recommended maximum period between inspections and testing is one year. Other regulations may apply such as Local Authority conditions/cinematography (safety) regulations, etc.

How often should i get my electrical installation inspected?

Fixed Wire Testing
Fixed Wire Testing Electrical Test Midlands Ltd

How often should i get my electrical installation inspected?

Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and age. You need to ensure that your tenant(s) – or anyone entering or using your property – are not put at risk, by ensuring that the electrical installation remains in a safe and serviceable condition.

A periodic inspection checks the condition of an existing electrical installation against BS 7671, the UK Standard for the safety of electrical installations. A periodic inspection should:

  • Discover if electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded
  • Identify potential electrical shock risks and fire hazards
  • Find any defective electrical work
  • Highlight any lack of earthing or bonding

How frequently should an electrical installation be inspected?
For rented accommodation, the maximum period recommended between the initial inspection (when the installation was first put into service) and the first periodic inspection and test is five years.

Periods between subsequent inspections will depend on the condition of the installation at the time of the preceding inspection, but it is recommended that periodic inspection and testing is carried out at least every five years or at the end of a tenancy, whichever comes first.

Where a change of tenancy occurs after a short period (for example less than six months) a full periodic inspection and test may not always be needed. In such cases, the landlord or their representative should always carry out a visual check to confirm that the property is safe to re-let.

What about Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)?
The Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (England) Regulations 2006 and the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Wales) Regulations 2006 require that every electrical installation in an HMO is inspected and tested at least every five years by a suitably qualified person, who should provide a certificate giving the results of the inspection.

Periodic Electrical Testing Specification Confusion

Fixed Wire Testing
Fixed Wire Testing

Periodic Electrical Testing Specification Confusion

Most specifications issued by contractors for Periodic Inspection and Testing services make mention of sample testing. This is an area that can often cause confusion for clients when trying to compare quotations for Periodic Testing, and also trying to ascertain the level of service they will be receiving.

Most electrical contractors will quote on the basis that 100% of electrical circuits from every Distribution Board in the installation will be tested, while only a sample (typically 10 to 20%), of the accessories on each circuit (for example sockets and light fittings) will be tested. This sample will be increased if a significant number of faults are found.

Guidance Note 3 (Inspection & Testing) does not allow for sample testing of circuits only.

When a contractor offers to insulation Test only a sample of the circuits on each Distribution Board (typically 10%), they are in effect offering a much lower level of service that will often be reflected in a lower price. The client should be aware that this lower level of service may not be sufficient to ensure compliance with the various regulations and recommendations.

If a typical electrical Distribution Board had for example 30 circuits, then a testing regime that offered to test a 10% sample of the circuits would only identify and report back on 3 of those circuits. It is also likely that the 3 circuits would be the ones that were most easily identified and tested.

Guidance Note 3 (Inspection & Testing) of the 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations recommends that the results of tests should be compared with those taken when the installation was last tested and any differences noted. Unless the reasons for such differences can be clearly identified as relating only to the sample concerned, more tests must be carried out. If these, too, fail to comply with the required values, the complete installation must be retested and the necessary correcting action taken.

The conclusion from this is that there are two possible scenarios that may arise from testing only a 10% sample of circuits:

1) The same 10% of the installation must be tested each time in order to compare results with previous test results, and the remaining 90% will never be tested.

2) A different 10% of the installation will be tested each time, in which case there will be no previous test results to compare against, and in a typical office type environment that will be tested every 5 years it will still take 50 years for all circuits to be tested.

Either scenario will very likely be a major cause of concern for any clients who correctly view Periodic Testing as a valuable Health & Safety function, as well as for insurance companies and/or the courts in the event of an accident or fire.

It is therefore felt by most industry experts that the interpretation of the guidance given in Guidance Note 3 with regard to sampling is that this applies to the accessories on each circuit as mentioned above, and not to the circuits themselves.


Did you know Electrical Test Midlands is a ISO 14001 Registered firm ?


Did you know Electrical Test Midlands is a ISO 14001 Registered firm ?

ISO 14001 Guide

Protect the environment, build customer trust and meet your legal obligations by implementing an ISO 14001 environmental management system within your business.

Strengthen your environmental credentials with ISO 14001

Protecting the environment is an important business issue to us. Many organisations now require their suppliers to have specific environmental management plans. Implementing ISO 14001 policies will enable you to demonstrate to our customers that our business is committed to reducing its environmental impact.

Testing and compliance services


Every business has an obligation to make sure that their electrical installations comply with Health & Safety legislations and regulatory standards to ensure their staff and customers / visitors are safe.

The risks of failing to meet these standards can be life-threatening and can have a negative impact on your reputation and profits.

Electrical Test Midlands ensure that your workplace, employees and visitors are safe and that your electrical installations comply with the highest standards.

From PAT testing to fixed wiring inspection and testing to emergency lighting testing, we will ensure that your business is a safe and compliant environment, remove the risk from your business and give you peace of mind without the hassle of dealing with multiple companies.

We are fully accredited and have over 20 years’ experience in providing testing and compliance services and guarantee that all work will be carried out in accordance with the relevant standards and approved codes of practice.

Reports are uploaded to our Client Area, meaning you can access current and historic reports quickly and easily 247



R.E.D January

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Our newest member to our sales team Sharon has ran EVERYDAY in January between 3 & 7 miles to raise money for R.E.D. R.E.D’s mission is to raise awareness and support for mental health, by promoting the positive power exercise can have on our minds and well-being. This is a great cause and if you could make a small donation just to show that Sharon’s hard work and dedication to this great cause has not gone unnoticed it would be very much appreciated not only by Sharon but also the charity. Thank you in advance.


Mind is proud to be teaming up with R.E.D January as their official charity partner for January 2018.

Not only is R.E.D January a brilliant way to kick-start the New Year, but in taking part you are helping to raise awareness and open up the conversation about mental health.

Every penny you raise will fund Mind’s vital work such as the Mind Infoline, our information and advice service, as well as the campaigning we do to make sure everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets the support and respect they deserve.

It costs us £6 to answer one call to the Mind Infoline, our expert helpline for anyone needing advice and support about mental health problems.

Every amount you raise will truly make a huge difference to someone’s life.

ETM Electrical Test Midlands are supporting Sharon with her Goal and will be making a donation just to show that Sharon’s hard work and dedication to this great cause has not gone unnoticed.

Electrical condition report


Today’s find ETM Electrical Test Midlands Engineer carrying out an electrical condition report.

One good reason for carrying out electrical safety testing on your building.
The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989-Reg 4(2) state “The need for maintenance to be done to ensure safety”. As such all commercial premises must be electrically tested and certified to ensure they can continue to be used safety.
BS7671 wiring regulations to the latest edition sets out the requirements for all electrical installations in the UK. The Institute of Engineers and Technology (IET) produce guidance notes to enlarge on the wiring regulations and set out guidance on how compliance can be achieved. Guidance Note 3 covers the Inspection & testing of Electrical Installations.
An electrical installation should be periodically inspected by a qualified electrical engineer. ETM (Electrical Test Midlands) are experts in this field and will advise any customer who may be unsure of the periodicity or scope of the Inspection & Test.

For more information on electrical testing please phone us on 01922 710014

Or use our free phone number 0800 066 3227


Why do I have to have electrical testing performed periodically?

Fixed Wire Testing
Fixed Wire Testing


Why do I have to have electrical testing performed periodically?

The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) produce guidance note 3 which incorporates 17th edition IET wiring regulations to BS7671. Section 3 of the guidance covers Electrical Periodic Inspection and Testing.

Periodic Inspection and testing is required because an electrical installation will deteriorate over time due to a number of factors such as; damage, wear and tear, corrosion, excessive electrical loading, ageing and environmental influences.

Guidance Note 3 states that a frequency of periodic inspections should be established, taking into account the type of electrical installation, the type of use, equipment used, the maintenance regime in use, and the environment.

Electrical Test Midlands are experts in this area and we would be happy to survey your premises, examine previous reports, review your maintenance regime and advise you on the correct frequency and scope of test to ensure your statutory compliance.

At ETM we pride ourselves on our high standards, and electrical inspection and testing is no exception to this. Every member of our team is dedicated to providing a high quality service, and ensuring you are fully compliant, no matter the size of the job.

electrical inspection and testing header

Due to our hard work, and being recommended by our clients regularly, we have been able to work on projects of all shapes and sizes, and across all commercial sectors too, so no electrical job phases us.

We make sure all of our equipment is state of the art, so we can offer you an efficient and comprehensive service. Always ensuring your business follows current laws and regulations, saving you any legal bother you may have faced with previously poor electrical contractors.

To make full use of our equipment, we only hire the best staff, who are not only professional but understanding too. You will experience our staff’s high standards from the moment you start the project, when we work out a plan with you on how to complete your project, meeting all of your specific needs, and with minimal disruption to your business. All the way through to completion and recommendations rather than a hard sale for more parts.

Once you meet our team, see our equipment, and impeccable health and safety record, and experience our high level of service, you will truly understand why we have earned the amount of contracts we have, and why customers keep coming back.

NICEIC approved for installations


Did you know?


Electrical Test Midlands Limited can provide a quotation to rectify any problems highlighted within the test reports as we are also NICEIC approved for installations as well as testing unlike many competitors. Using the same company to rectify faults can often be the most efficient solution but because of our vast experience within the testing industry our knowledge allows us to competently carry out remedial works from other companies test reports.


With a wealth of experience in all aspects of electrical installation, you can trust ETM to provide you with an expert level of service.Our electrical engineers all carry the relevant qualifications and are time-served professionals that know the trade inside-out.


This ensures that faults are easily located and rectified, existing installations are safely and legally added to, and that new build projects are planned and brought seamlessly to fruition by an enthusiastic team that share one company ethos.


To deliver nothing but the very best level of service, at all times.


The bulk of our workload lies in the commercial & industrial setting. Over the years we have forged long-lasting relationships with a number of nationwide contractors, commercial premises owners and occupiers, and carried out numerous installations in the health, leisure and educational industries.


As you would undoubtedly expect, this much experience rightly ensures our commercial clients a hassle-free, and expertly executed, project – from contact to completion.