Soldiers of Sacrifice

Electrical Test Midlands have been on the road this week.

This is what our Helen Pearson has to say (New business manager) has to say.

Well, how much do I love my job?   ABSOLUTELY LOADS!!!!

I quite honestly don’t know what each day will hold!

Recently, I was lucky enough to see the D Day sculpture ‘Soldiers of Sacrifice’ of Den Brotheridge and meet the talented artist


Alfie Bradley who created it.


“A sculpture incorporating more than 4,000 replica bullets has been unveiled ahead of the 75th anniversary of D-Day”.

‘Soldiers of Sacrifice’ represents Denham Brotheridge, believed to be the first Allied soldier to be killed by enemy action on D-Day in June 1944.


Artist Alfie Bradley said it was a “lasting tribute” to those who lost their lives.


The sculpture is due to go on a tour of England and Normandy before reaching its permanent home in Portsmouth.


The soldier’s form is crouched down as if to throw a grenade, but instead he is releasing a dove of peace.


The artwork is positioned on a base made of replica bullets to represent the 4,414 Allied servicemen who lost their lives in the first 24 hours of the invasion of Normandy.


Alfie also created the


’Knife Angel’ statue…. Standing at 26ft, made of 100,000 knives, created as a statement against knife crime.


He was such an unassuming chap. He asked me if I wanted him to get out of the way of the pic I was taking….🙈

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