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When choosing or switching fixed wire testing & compliance services providers you need to be positive that you will receive the required expert, technical, qualified, accredited and safe services cost effectively.

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PAT Testing
Reducing the risk of electrical accidents.

All portable electrical appliances should be tested to make sure they are safe to use along with evidence that you have carried out the necessary regular tests to meet your health and safety requirements.

ETM understand the regulations and requirements that you need to comply with to make sure your staff and buildings are protected against electrical accidents and meet your insurer's requirements.

Our qualified team of engineers perform all the necessary tests with minimum disruption in your working environment and compile reports that are made readily available.

Supported by a proactive and responsive team, we work with our clients to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively deliver an overall personal level of service by specialists in PAT testing.

Our clients have access to all reports through our client reporting portal, along with personal service to send reports if and when required, meaning a quick, efficient and complete audit facility is provided to help you track and manage your portable appliances.

Ask us how we can help you manage the whole process of PAT Testing

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Fixed Wire Testing
Power outages and potentially unsafe conditions can be avoided along with ensuring you are compliant with your insurer's requirements and legal compliance.

Helping you ensure you have the required documentation, reminding you when future inspections and testing are due and working with you to make sure that should an incident arise you have all of the support and evidence to avoid any financial or legal penalties.

We help you plan and manage the whole process, using our wealth of experience and knowledge based on our varied customer's businesses and their particular working environments to pre-plan and support you from the first call, the engineers visit, to reporting and reminding.

Our qualified and experienced engineers carry out the agreed inspection and testing providing an independent condition report which identifies any requirements to ensure you are complying with current regulations. As a proactive and supportive provider, they will also inform you of any immediate issues that require repair.

We pride ourselves on the personal service ETM provide our clients, with the common goal of ensuring our customers maintain a safe working environment, are compliant with current regulations, insurers requirements and conditions while being available for any questions or assistance for your immediate and on going electrical requirements.

With easy access to our client portal providing you with any time review of your reports, along with personal assistance to help with any questions keeps you in control and confident a fully accredited and experienced provider is supporting you.

If you would like to see what ETM can do for your fixed wire testing, contact us directly to talk through your requirements.

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Compliance Services
Helping clients fulfill their legal obligations with an accessible team of experts and engineers.

ETM’s online reporting and reminders service provides the necessary audit trail and proactive assistance to help you achieve and maintain a compliant environment.

Not all those responsible for electrical compliance and safety that we work with initially understand the comprehensive requirements, how they may impact on the business or organisation, the employees or indeed its own customers and service users who rely on you to be compliant.

We provide assistance in helping clients understand, where required, plan and manage the processes to undertake, manage and maintain compliance across their business.

ETM are accredited specialists in the following areas, providing cost effective compliance services

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Electrical Installation 
 Electrical Inspection
 Fixed Wire Testing
 Repairs and Remedial 
 Electrical Compliance
 Energy Monitoring 
 Thermal Imaging 
 Emergency Lighting Testing 
 Fire Alarm Testing 
 Fire Extinguisher 
 Lightning Protection 
 Legionnaires Testing

Our own engineers are qualified to undertake all, or a selection of services listed above where clients require a proven service. Contact the ETM team, to discuss your immediate or future requirements.

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Electrical Installation

From delivering single source power installations to providing full production line systems complete with data and network facilities, we have no boundaries to the works we undertake. We are capable of turning a client’s ideas into working projects and alternatively, work within tight specification and budget constraints.

Electrical test midlands is a fully accredited Electrical contractor operating in the United Kingdom. We provide for the design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a wide variety of electrical services in the commercial, retail and industrial sectors.

Electrical test midlands is also known for the high standard of all its Electrical Contracting Services, quality of workmanship and giving great value for money. Our personalised approach to our clients helps create a friendly and lasting relationship which ensures that their project will be delivered to their complete satisfaction, fulfilling their objectives on timing, quality and budget.

Electrical Installation

Our core electrical installation and contracting services include:

General power distribution installation General and emergency lighting installation Fire alarm installation Security lighting and alarm installations Visual and data communications installation Instrumentation and Control Cabling installation Data cabling and Profibus installations

Our sector experience for electrical installation projects extends to:

Offices Leisure facilities Retail units Manufacturing sites Warehousing Education Residential Central and local government buildings

Would you like to work with the experts on your electrical installation? The contact one of the friendly ETM team to find out the next steps.

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Electrical Repairs & Remedial Works

In a world where businesses increasingly rely on technology to operate, Electrical Test Midlands is always on hand to help with any vital electrical repairs and maintenance work.

Any damage, deterioration, defects, dangerous conditions or areas of non-compliance identified within an installation must be repaired to ensure it is safe, fit for purpose and compliant.

By keeping your systems well maintained, our electrical repair and maintenance work will help reduce the risk of costly future electrical faults and system downtime to your organisation, allowing you to get on with business.

Call Electrical Test Midlands now to discuss your business' electrical repair requirements. Alternatively, fill in your details on the right hand side of this page and we'll get in touch as soon as we can to discuss electrical maintenance for your business.

What we'll do

Choose our electrical repair and remedial services and we will:

Work closely with the duty holder to analyse your EICR and create a tailored electrical repairs schedule

Plan electrical maintenance work around the routine of your site to ensure minimal disruption

Provide experienced electrical engineers that will carry out work in the safest manner possible

Certify that works meet BS 7671:2008(2011) requirements and provide the required documentation

Create and recommend a schedule of on-going electrical maintenance to keep you compliant

Why Electrical Test Midlands?

Testing, repairs and maintenance

We can create tailored electrical repair and maintenance programmes, eliminating the need for separate testing and repair contractors and ensuring your systems are safe and compliant.

Transparent pricing

Our quotations are conveniently broken down into C1, C2 and C3 defects, so you can select the remedial work that your site requires and be confident that you know what you are paying for.

Full certification

All defects are directly linked to BS 7671:2008(2011) and works are listed in a Minor Works Certificate to ensure you know exactly what electrical repairs has been carried out on your installation.

Would you like to work with the experts on your Electrical Repairs & Remedial Works? The contact one of the friendly ETM team to find out the next steps.

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