Periodic Electrical Inspection & Testing Frequencies


Why Do We Need To Test?

There are various factors that can lead to an electrical installation to degrade over time.


Electrical accessories such as light switches and socket outlets can sustain damage through use or even misuse, cables may deteriorate and if not installed correctly may sustain damage too also with connections possibly becoming loose.


The type of site, electrical installation and use of the premises all play a part in the deterioration of the electrical system. Along with issues like external influences (rain/snow/ice), extreme heat and possibly exposure to chemicals, one area that often effects the safety of electrical installations is the maintenance, or in many cases, the lack of maintenance.


Testing Provides Preventative Maintenance


As business continuity is an important factor for most businesses, finding a fault before it’s becomes a problem is key to business success.


This will to only save you time and money but may well also save lives too.


Electrical Test Midlands can help you, and your business comply with the many aspects of electrical compliance, from Fixed Wire and Portable Appliance Testing and thermal imaging.


Periodic Electrical Inspection & Testing Frequencies

Commercial Premises: 5 yrs (or at change of occupancy)

Offices: 5 Years

Shops: 5 Years

Cinemas: 1-3 Years (Licensing rules may determine the frequency)

Schools/Colleges: 5 Years

Churches: 5 Years

Marinas: 1 Year

Leisure Center (excluding Pools): 3 Years

Restaurants/Pubs: 5 Years

Hotels: 5 Years

Theaters: 3 Years

Community Centers: 5 Years

Swimming Pools: 1 Year

Caravans/ Caravan Parks: 1 Year

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