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Ensuring the safety of your staff and buildings is our top priority. That’s why we recommend testing all portable electrical appliances to reduce the risk of accidents. Our qualified engineers perform thorough PAT tests, providing you with evidence of compliance and peace of mind.

Compliance with health and safety regulations is crucial to protect against electrical accidents. At ETM, we understand the importance of testing portable appliances to meet these requirements. Our expert engineers conduct comprehensive PAT tests, compiling detailed reports and ensuring minimal disruption to your workplace.

Don’t compromise on safety. All portable appliances should undergo regular testing to ensure they meet health and safety standards. Our knowledgeable team at ETM is well-versed in the regulations and requirements necessary to protect your staff and buildings. Trust us to deliver efficient and cost-effective PAT testing services.

Knowing what qualifies as a portable appliance is essential for maintaining safety in your workplace. At ETM, we provide PAT testing services to ensure all electrical appliances that can be plugged in and moved are thoroughly examined. Our engineers conduct visual inspections, safety tests, and functionality checks to guarantee compliance and minimize risk.

A PAT test is a crucial step in meeting health and safety requirements and reducing the risk of electrical accidents. Our dedicated team at ETM understands the importance of this process and its impact on your insurance coverage. Let us handle your portable appliance testing, ensuring the safety of your staff, buildings, and compliance with regulations.

Comprehensive PAT testing is essential for the safety of your organization. Our qualified engineers at ETM are equipped with the expertise to conduct thorough inspections, tests, and functionality checks on your portable appliances. With our proactive and responsive approach, we provide a personalized service to meet your specific needs.

Protect your organization from potential risks and insurance complications by prioritizing PAT testing. Our experienced team at ETM specializes in providing efficient and cost-effective testing services. We conduct visual inspections, safety tests, and functionality checks to ensure your portable appliances meet the necessary standards and regulations.

Don’t underestimate the importance of PAT testing in maintaining a safe working environment. Our team of specialists at ETM is dedicated to delivering a high level of service. We conduct thorough inspections and tests, complying with health and safety regulations. Let us help you reduce the risk of electrical accidents and ensure compliance with ease.