Multi-Storey Car Park Milton Keynes

Another Electrical Test Midlands Project completed and ready to handover to client.

The director of Electrical Test Midlands Richard Jones would like to say Congratulations to all the etm team for their support throughout this project.

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Multi-Storey Car Park Milton Keynes
This project is a 52 week build which involves 160 people undertaking the construction of a new 1257 space, four level multi-storey car park in Milton Keynes which Electrical Test Midlands carried out electrical/electrical testing works.

The project required its own vehicle management strategy to minimize impact on the day to day running of the rest of the centre and S278 Highway works to form improved access, with the construction of a new carriageway and cycle path.

This state of the art car-park will constantly be updating the center management, using parking bay sensors whilst also informing users about the end time of their parking via text message

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