Why do I have to have electrical testing performed periodically?

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Why do I have to have electrical testing performed periodically?

The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) produce guidance note 3 which incorporates 17th edition IET wiring regulations to BS7671. Section 3 of the guidance covers Electrical Periodic Inspection and Testing.

Periodic Inspection and testing is required because an electrical installation will deteriorate over time due to a number of factors such as; damage, wear and tear, corrosion, excessive electrical loading, ageing and environmental influences.

Guidance Note 3 states that a frequency of periodic inspections should be established, taking into account the type of electrical installation, the type of use, equipment used, the maintenance regime in use, and the environment.

Electrical Test Midlands are experts in this area and we would be happy to survey your premises, examine previous reports, review your maintenance regime and advise you on the correct frequency and scope of test to ensure your statutory compliance.

At ETM we pride ourselves on our high standards, and electrical inspection and testing is no exception to this. Every member of our team is dedicated to providing a high quality service, and ensuring you are fully compliant, no matter the size of the job.

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Due to our hard work, and being recommended by our clients regularly, we have been able to work on projects of all shapes and sizes, and across all commercial sectors too, so no electrical job phases us.

We make sure all of our equipment is state of the art, so we can offer you an efficient and comprehensive service. Always ensuring your business follows current laws and regulations, saving you any legal bother you may have faced with previously poor electrical contractors.

To make full use of our equipment, we only hire the best staff, who are not only professional but understanding too. You will experience our staff’s high standards from the moment you start the project, when we work out a plan with you on how to complete your project, meeting all of your specific needs, and with minimal disruption to your business. All the way through to completion and recommendations rather than a hard sale for more parts.

Once you meet our team, see our equipment, and impeccable health and safety record, and experience our high level of service, you will truly understand why we have earned the amount of contracts we have, and why customers keep coming back.

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