Fixed Wiring Inspection &Testing condition report

electrical testing
electrical testing

The photo shows one of our customers premises after he requested a Fixed Wiring Inspection &Testing condition report on his property.. Our engineers turned up to carryout the works to find that the cellar was flooded with the main meter under water.Our engineers automatically issued a code one defect report. We was then requested to carry out the works to make safe.

The term Fixed Wiring Inspection &Testing generally refers to the inspection & testing activity of the electrical installation within a building. This being the electrical wiring and systems between the incoming electrical supply and final circuits; eg plug sockets, isolators, lights etc.

It would not refer to equipment which is plugged in or wired into spurred sockets or isolators. Please refer to our Fixed Equipment Testing for more information on our website.

A duty holder can demonstrate compliance with the regulations, in respect to their electrical installation, by employing a competent company to carry out an electrical fixed wire inspection and test of their premises. We hope that company would be Electrical test midlands (ETM).

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