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fire marshall
ETM Electrical Test Midlands Admin staff and engineers qualified as Fire Marshals under the expert training by Dan Pedley and Gareth Curtis at First Response Ltd in Brownhills. We went with open minds but not really expecting to learn huge amounts…. Well, how wrong could we be? Learning about legislation to putting out our own fires, the course is jam packed full of incredibly interesting and useful information. We’re now well and truly prepared to enthuse our colleagues now…..

It might surprise you to learn that a Fire Marshal’s main duty is to prevent fires.

Sure, they have an important role to play in evacuating the building and containing and tackling small blazes in the unhappy event that a fire occurs, but it’s the day-to-day duties that can bring the most benefit.

Here are 15 ‘Reactive’ Fire Marshal duties that could keep your business safe from fire.

Fire Marshal duties 1: checking your EMERGENCY EXITS. They should be free from obstruction at all times, inside and out, and able to be opened.

Fire Marshal duties 2: checking your FIRE EXTINGUISHERS. Are they in the right position, have they been serviced, and are they indicated by signs?

Fire Marshal duties 3: checking your FIRE DOORS weekly. Are they in good working order and are they being kept closed?

Fire Marshal duties 4: checking your ‘BREAK GLASS CALL POINTS‘. These are the devices fixed to the wall where you can manually sound the fire alarm by breaking the glass. They should always be visible and indicated by signs.

Fire Marshal duties 5: checking your EMERGENCY LIGHTING every month. All the lights should be working order and if they aren’t, an electrician or fire safety company should be contacted.

Fire Marshal duties 6: testing your FIRE ALARM weekly. We’ve all experienced the weekly fire alarm test, what we might not have known is it’s often a fire marshal’s duty to carry it out.

Fire Marshal duties 7: checking your FIRE SAFETY SIGNS. Are the right signs in the right places and happily and securely stuck?

Fire Marshal duties 8: checking your GENERAL HOUSEKEEPING. Are combustible materials stored away from sources of heat? And are exit routes kept clear and free of clutter?

Fire Marshal duties 9: checking your SMOKING AREAS. Are they kept clean and ashtrays emptied regularly?

Fire Marshal duties 10: controlling your HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. Are flammable liquids and other dangerous substances kept correctly?

Fire Marshal duties 11: carrying out NEW STAFF SAFETY INDUCTIONS. Did you know that all new starters must have fire safety awareness training, and all staff should have an annual refresher?

Fire Marshal duties 12: making sure electrical devices are PAT TESTED. Faulty electrical devices are one of the most common causes of workplaces fires.

Fire Marshal duties 13: organising FIRE DRILLS at least annually. Your team should know how to exit the building in case of fire and the evacuation procedure should be assessed to make sure it works.

Fire Marshal duties 14: managing all PAPERWORK AND THE LOGBOOK. Legislation requires that all fire safety activities are accurately documented.

Fire Marshal duties 15: owning your FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT. Alongside your ‘Responsible Person’, your Fire Marshals can help deliver the recommendations in your Fire Risk Assessment.


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