Electrical Report, what’s next?

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Electrical Report, what’s next?
Your insurance company wants you to have a report carried out on your electrical installation. You contact three companies to get competitive quotes. You accept and the work is carried out, report submitted and invoice paid. Six months later you get a knock on the door by the HSE and now you find that you are being prosecuted. What went wrong? Your insurance company is happy, you’ve have had your electrical report carried out. So why are you being handed improvement notices?
The reason for this is that with many people having these services carried out, once the report has been completed they simply file it away at the bottom of a draw and never act upon the recommendations inside. The report could have a thousand observations on it but you could probably put money on them never being touched, the faults highlighted staying put for the next time the building is tested and the report never seeing the light of day. I say time and time again, “A report does not make your complaint, it is what you do with it afterwards that matters the most.” With all reporting services they are the first step to ensuring a safe working environment, not the final stage.

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