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Keeping You Safe & Compliant Is Our Business

Electrical Test Midlands protects its clients.

As our clients are spread across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors.  From education, public services, retail, hospitality, commercial, industrial, large or small private enterprise Electrical Test Midlands specialise in keeping you safe and electrically compliant.

Perhaps a small, single-sited company or a huge multi-sited operation, Electrical Test Midlands assists their clients to remain safe and compliant; to protect their valuable employees, their buildings and their businesses.

Electrical Test Midlands appreciates each of its client’s unique requirements.  By tailoring our services to adapt to each and every application, Electrical Test Midlands can customise its service to reduce disruption. 

By using Electrical Test Midlands across multiple sites, our clients can rest, knowing they are receiving the same standard of service across their asset register.  This safeguards the same high standard of work across all UK sites and environments.  Operating this way removes discrepancies and variables across our clients’ buildings and sites.  Using Electrical Test Midlands ensures you’re receiving experienced testing experts to care for you.

Wates Group

Carry out EICRs and remedial works of domestic properties provided to us yearly.

Bournville Village Trust

Carrying out Electrical Installation condition reports (EICRs).

Unversity of Bristol

Full compliance testing, including Fixed Wire Testing.

Winchester University

Carrying out Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs)

University of Salford

Fixed Wire Testing of University Buildings

Anchor hanover group

Specialists Electrical Services

Northumbria Police

Specialist Electrical Services

calderdale council

Specialist Electrical Services

kings college

Fixed Wire Testing


Fixed Wire Testing of Public Buildings including remedial works and Schematic drawings.

Doncaster council

Fixed Wire Testing of all schools within Doncaster Asset Register

abbeyfield society

Inspection and test of care homes and remedial works following to EICR.

minster care group

Fixed Wire Testing of care homes from Southend on Sea in the south to Middlesbrough in the North.

birmingham city council

Fixed Wire Testing of domestic properties and public buildingswithin the West Midlands.

Walsall council

Fixed Wire Testing of schools within the West Midlands, providing comprehensive EICRs to the client.