There is a well-known saying dating back to the first half of the 1900’s “BEHIND EVERY GREAT MAN IS A GREAT WOMAN” – Definition – “ALL SUCCESSFUL MEN HAD A WOMAN HELPING THEM TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL”……….

I met my wife and ultimately best friend Nadine (Nade) some 28 years ago in Walsall on a night out where we quite literally bumped into each other.

10 years on, we married and began an adventure to build together what is today known as E.T.M (Electrical Test Midlands Ltd).

After experiencing how ‘other’ companies delivered “Test & Inspection” we were determined to create a company that delivered not only an exceptional service but one that could be trusted to “do the job right”.

In 2004 we made the decision to form a company to do just that and E.T.M. was born. We initially worked out of our spare room in Bloxwich and quickly grew. We took on staff to accommodate client demand and gained trust and loyalty from our team, so much so that my original QS, my personal friend and trusted colleague is still head of our engineers today; similarly our client retention is so good, we have clients who use us today.

Nadine, the determined and driven woman she is, juggled her own full time job whilst supporting my dream, carrying out both Admin and Accounts as I worked hard building the foundations on the tools.
Whilst E.T.M. slowly grew Nadine gave me 2 amazing children and our family was completed.

20 years on and now running an established electrical testing company, operating out of purpose built Offices in Cannock, E.T.M has gained the trust and respect we aimed to achieve in our field as we continue to grow from the dream I originally had years ago and acquiring new contracts through our continual hard work.

I would like to thank both past and present clients and staff for their support and encouragement allowing us to be where we are today.

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