Electrical safety testing


One good reason for carrying out electrical safety testing on your building. Incorrect fuse wire installed wile carrying out electrical safety testing at one of our clients site.

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989-Reg 4(2) state “The need for maintenance to be done to ensure safety”. As such all commercial premises must be electrically tested and certified to ensure they can continue to be used safety.

BS7671 wiring regulations to the latest edition sets out the requirements for all electrical installations in the UK. The Institute of Engineers and Technology (IET) produce guidance notes to enlarge on the wiring regulations and set out guidance on how compliance can be achieved. Guidance Note 3 covers the Inspection & testing of Electrical Installations.

An electrical installation should be periodically inspected by a qualified electrical engineer. ETM (Electrical Test Midlands) are experts in this field and will advise any customer who may be unsure of the periodicity or scope of the Inspection & Test.

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Accredited by the Altius

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Electrical Test Midlands are proud to announce they have been Accredited by Altius.

Altius was founded in 2007 by its current directors to provide significant benefits to clients with, or working in, supply chains. Extensive experience in complex, large and demanding supply chains combined with a proven track record of using modern information technology gives Altius a unique ability to quickly deliver valuable benefits to their clients.

The team has used lessons learnt over decades in high risk, regulated and competitive industries to develop a unique understanding of the challenges for both purchasing and selling organisations. Natural problem solvers and an enormously talented IT development team have then invested significant time, energy and passion to create innovative processes and systems that deliver efficient, dependable and cost effective solutions.

The entire team at Altius is committed to providing the best possible customer service and to do their very best to be helpful, friendly and approachable. Customer feedback is always valued and used to guide continuous improvement.

The Altius Promise

We will use our experience, resources and systems in the most effective way we know how to make your supply chain safer, more reliable and more competitive whilst at all times operating with honesty, transparency and integrity.
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Latest Technology from etm


Electrical Test Midlands Ltd have invested heavily over the last two years in mobile certification. Each of engineers currently uses the latest i pads with the latest up to date specialized compliance software. Electrical Test Midlands currently carryout over 600 domestic inspection & test reports per month for one client alone.. We can upload electrical certs straight to the client once the works have been carried out and doubled checked by our QS..All certs are kept on our free online portal to view at anytime (internet connection required)

What does electrical testing involve?

Electrical testing involves testing the electrical circuits and systems that distribute electricity around a building.

With ETM, these tests are carried out by our expert engineers and recommendations are given depending on the report findings. Should the report present the need for remedial work you will be given advice, and a cost of how much it would be for ETM to implement this.

If our staff, vast experience and state of the art equipment hasn’t already convinced you that ETM are the ones who should be completing your electrical testing, then why not add to that our impeccable health and safety record, as well as our complete range of supporting services. We are the experts, and it all it takes to find out is one phone call.