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Electrical Test Midlands has fast become one of the UK’s leading Electrical testing practitioners.

Our educated engineers are dedicated to providing a safe and ethical solution to your businesses electrical inspection requirements, no matter how large or small these might be.
Over the years we have worked on projects of all shapes and sizes – from local authorities & housing associations, as well as health, educational and financial institutions.

This much experience, and state of the art testing equipment, allows us to provide a prompt, well-priced and comprehensive service. Keeping you and your business in-line with current laws and regulations, and saving you from any legal battles ensuing as a result of prior poor testing practices.

Our professional, yet understanding engineers will do their level best to cause minimum disruption to your operation and will listen to your specific needs and requirements before creating an inspection programme around these.

When you add to our experience, our state of the art equipment and our outstanding staff to our impeccable health & safety record, and our complete range of supporting services, it’s not difficult to see why we are awarded such a large volume of prestigious contracts the length and breadth of the UK.

Electrical Report, what’s next?

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Electrical Report, what’s next?
Your insurance company wants you to have a report carried out on your electrical installation. You contact three companies to get competitive quotes. You accept and the work is carried out, report submitted and invoice paid. Six months later you get a knock on the door by the HSE and now you find that you are being prosecuted. What went wrong? Your insurance company is happy, you’ve have had your electrical report carried out. So why are you being handed improvement notices?
The reason for this is that with many people having these services carried out, once the report has been completed they simply file it away at the bottom of a draw and never act upon the recommendations inside. The report could have a thousand observations on it but you could probably put money on them never being touched, the faults highlighted staying put for the next time the building is tested and the report never seeing the light of day. I say time and time again, “A report does not make your complaint, it is what you do with it afterwards that matters the most.” With all reporting services they are the first step to ensuring a safe working environment, not the final stage.

fixed wire testing

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Electrical test midlands are proud to have awarded fixed wire testing works for Optima housing. Etm was up against some large blue chip companies however Etm was awarded the contract for the their very best in health and safety compliance and proven track record with working with some of the larger and well known companies.

This contract will increase the brand Etm and will secure more employment locally