electrical safety testing

loose connections
loose connections
One good reason for carrying out electrical safety testing on your building. Loose connections found wile carrying out electrical safety testing at one of our clients site.

Loose connections could cause a fire, this fault would be classed as a C1 Fail Code -Danger Present. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required.

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989-Reg 4(2) state “The need for maintenance to be done to ensure safety”. As such all commercial premises must be electrically tested and certified to ensure they can continue to be used safety.

BS7671 wiring regulations to the latest edition sets out the requirements for all electrical installations in the UK. The Institute of Engineers and Technology (IET) produce guidance notes to enlarge on the wiring regulations and set out guidance on how compliance can be achieved. Guidance Note 3 covers the Inspection & testing of Electrical Installations.

An electrical installation should be periodically inspected by a qualified electrical engineer. ETM (Electrical Test Midlands) are experts in this field and will advise any customer who may be unsure of the periodicity or scope of the Inspection & Test.

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fixed wire testing

fixed wire testing header Electrical safety and compliance testing from Electrical test Midlands

Keeping you safe is our Business

How do you ensure that you are managing your electrical risks responsibly and complying with the terms of your insurance policy?

Our electrical experts can help you determine what tests you need and advise you of the recommended electrical test frequency. Our engineers are based throughout the UK, so you benefit from our national testing services and our local and experienced staff.

Keeping you safe is our Business

Fixed wiring inspection and test (I&T)
•You will receive an independent condition report that identifies any deviations from current regulations
•We will inform you on-site of any failures requiring immediate repair. We can then assist you in carrying out remedial works if required
•Online access to our online portal which allows you to view your electrical safety testing reports free of charge 24-7

Keeping you safe is our Business

Portable appliance testing (PAT)
•The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) states that 25% of all re portable electrical accidents involve portable appliances so keep your building and staff safe with our portable appliance testing service
•You will receive full certification of appliances as evidence for the Health and Safety Authority and your insurance company
•Your portable appliances will be tagged with a bar coded system for easy identification

Keeping you safe is our Business

Thermal imaging surveys
•Our non intrusive service is an ideal way of carrying out electrical safety inspections as part of your routine maintenance
•Photographic evidence identifying any defects can reduce unplanned maintenance charges
•Identify where heat is being lost from your building and reduce your energy waste
•Finding a loose connection or overloaded component in your electrical switch gear can prevent the risk of fire that may not be detected by a visual inspection

Keeping you safe is our Business

Energy efficiency reports
•Monitor your energy pattern over a 7 day period to identify: if energy is wasted; if there is poor power factor; if there are any phase current imbalances
•You will be provided with a graphical indication of your energy usage, and we can advise you on how to improve your energy consumption and save money