Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Installation? Don't worry, just relax ...

Hot tubs are a very popular home improvement, and we can see why! Whether it's coming back from a hard day at work, or making the most of those rare summers day when you have nothing to do, it's complete relaxation in your own home

Sounds perfect, except for the hassle of having the hot tub installed right?

And that’s where ETM step in. Our skilled engineers will install your hot tub for you, to save you the bother (and probably the extra cost) of installing it yourself.

Whether you have bought a new hot tub, and don’t have installation included, or you are relocating your current hot tub to your new home or further down your garden, we will make sure you are back to enjoying your bubbles as soon as possible.

With our persistently high standards, and a highly motivated team, you know you (and your hot tub) are in great hands. We promise as minimal disruption as possible to your home, and all for a great price too. We'll even provide a free estimate if you pop into our showroom in Cannock. So what are you waiting for? There are bubbles waiting!

Looking for hot tub installation in the West Midlands area? Contact our professional team today at their offices in Cannock to see how we could help.
We are industry accredited & have a fully qualified workforce who are customer driven.