Re Wires and Upgrades

Have you considered re wires and upgrades?

Rewiring and upgrades may seem like work you don’t need to do until something goes wrong, but this isn’t exactly true.

Rewiring requires replacing some of, or all of, the electrical wiring in a house, but can often include required other upgrades such as sockets, light switches and fuse boards to ensure your safety and reliability of the electrical elements in your home. And of course if you are refurbishing an old property then this may be essential.

Are you experiencing constantly blowing fuses, or light bulbs? Is the current wiring on or around 25 years old? These faults and unseen deterioration could lead to electric shock or fire if not dealt with.

Perhaps you do need to have the electrics checked in your home to identify how best to sort those problems, and if required how a rewire can help. Not considering your wiring could lead to damage to your electrical appliances causing you more damage, cost and hassle in the long run.

ETM are experts in rewiring, and know that it should really only be completed by competent professional electricians such as ourselves. By bringing in a professional like ETM, you are assured your electrician is a member of a professional body and is Part P qualified.

You can also benefit from a free estimate on your project, just by popping into our showroom in Cannock.

Are you looking to re wire or upgrade your electrics? Contact our friendly team based in Cannock to see how we could help you.
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