Internal / External Lighting & Repairs

Light up your home with external lighting.

Lighting can completely change a space, wherever that's inside or outside your home.

Knowing the difference between a 3-gang 2-way switch or what IP rated kitchen and bathroom lighting to use and the electrical requirements you must have can be daunting. Repairs to existing lighting circuits and lamps as well as ensuring lights themselves are all earthed properly are things that we help our customers with.

If your having problems or looking to change or install new lighting inside or outside the house and aren’t sure if they are earthed, or if you have chosen the right fittings for bathroom and kitchen lighting, then we can help with that.

While lighting is a functional element of every household it is also a fantastic way of changing the mood and feel of every room. Dimmable bathroom lights for relaxing, bright lights to see what you are doing when cleaning or adding a new blue ray player to your home entertainment system are just a few things to consider. Changing the switches to match the décor and using LED lights where possible inside and outside your home to both save money and extend the lamps life cycle are all considerations.

You have many choices when it comes to external lighting too, such as needing a security light to illuminate a potential intruder, or sensored lighting for when going through dark areas around your home and garden, or indeed lights in the external buildings or sheds.

Or you may only require mood lighting, where with the use of coloured lights you may wish to light up areas of the garden such as a patio or path - or indeed plants, trees or a pond, to make a little more of your garden's features throughout the evening.

ETM offer expert light fitting, whether it's for security purposes, or so you can enjoy your home & garden spaces.

As with all our work, we offer high standards, efficient service from skilled electricians, and at a reasonable price too. We'll even provide you with a free estimate for your project if you pop into our showroom in Cannock.

Looking install internal or external lighting? Or need lighting repairs so you can once again light up your home? Speak to one of our friendly team today about how we could help.
We are industry accredited & have a fully qualified workforce who are customer driven.