Electrical Safety Checks

Keep your electricals in good shape with electrical safety checks.

Electrical safety checks are essential, as installation is just the beginning of your electrics lifespan, not the only part. These installations will deteriorate over time, and so should be checked regularly to ensure their safety and efficiency.

These tests will reveal if perhaps you’re working your electrics too hard, or if the work wasn’t completed correctly in the first place, leaving you at risk of fire or harm to whoever is around the appliance.

We would advise these inspections every 10 years on your home, or when you are selling or letting your home, or if you are experiencing any odd electrical behaviour such as lights dimming or fuses blowing without warning.

ETM can carry out safety checks to ensure everything is still in working order, and if there are any problems, advise you on the next steps to repairing or replacing the problem.

We never go with the hard sale for repairs that aren't needed, but our engineers will always put your safety as priority, so if there is work that needs to be completed, you can be assured of an explanation of what is wrong, why it needs fixing and what needs to be done in plain English. If you are unsure of prices of work you have been quoted previously, we offer free estimates on work at our showroom in Cannock.

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