Electrical Safety Certificates

Get your electrical work signed off with an electrical safety certificate.

Although the UK has a fairly good record of electrical safety, there are still over 30 deaths and nearly 4000 injuries from electrical accidents and the 8000 fires that occur in the home each year. Most of the accidents in the home involve faults in, or misuse of, domestic appliances, flexes, plugs or connectors. A large number are related to electrical maintenance or DIY activities.

And since 2005, measures have been taken out to ensure the safety of you and your family, by insisting that any domestic electrical work (whether professionally completed or done by yourself through DIY) is notified to the building control body, and meets the requirements of the building regulations.

This is why it is usually a wise idea to bring in a qualified electrician from the beginning, who can take care of this, and ensure your safety at all times.

Electrical testing is a vital procedure and an essential task, which can be difficult, so it's necessary to let a professional do it. The electrical test report is displayed in a test certificate which is a legal document. The certificate is similar to a fault log report but it also contains a count of occurrences of each fault.

Electrical testing over temperature is the industry standard for testing a component’s functional and parametric requirements at the recommended manufacturer’s operating temperatures. This is an essential task which can be time consuming and inconvenient as the power has to be turned off for some tests. However we can generally work around your limitations to losing power in your home.

Inspection provides the ideal opportunity for checking the general condition of the equipment and that all parts are in sound condition.

At ETM, our skilled team provides a comprehensive testing and inspection service, ensuring that anything from a mobile home to a factory complex is running as safely and efficiently as possible.

If you’re requiring electrical work, or need your own DIY to be checked by a professional for the purpose of an electrical safety certificate, then just contact our team in Cannock to see how we could help.
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