Electrical Fault Finding

Find the source of those everyday niggles with electrical fault finding, and repair them before they become real problems.

If you’re noticing faults around your home, such as fuses blowing with no obvious reason, or your lights playing up, they may just be a bit of an inconvenience at first; but they will become bigger problems. So what do you do when you start to spot these hiccups in your electrics?

We understand that finding faults and repairing them yourself can seem like the easier and cheaper option sometimes, however the cost of things going wrong could be higher than you ever anticipated. Which is why it’s usually best to leave it to trained professionals, who have experience in what they are doing, are trained, and are accredited to complete this form of work.

ETM has many years (more than we care to think about) of experience, and can offer a quick, hassle free service, that gets your home working as it should. We'll even give you a free estimate on your project if you pop into our showroom in Cannock.

All our engineers are experienced in electrical home services, so you are assured of reliable, tidy and fast service when you call out ETM.

Require electrical fault finding to get your home back to normal? Speak to one of our friendly team at our Cannock offices and we’ll get an engineer to you as soon as possible.
We are industry accredited & have a fully qualified workforce who are customer driven.