Is your heating due an upgrade?

When you have had your central heating installed for a while, you are more than likely going to need to update various elements of the system over time, which is why we offer central heating upgrades. Such as:


Boiler upgrades

Boiler upgrades can seem a big upgrade to undertake, but with your heating accounting up to 60% of what you spend a year in energy, upgrading may actually save you money in the long run.


Radiator installation

As radiators get older, they become less efficient, meaning you are left in the cold. There are a few fixes you can try, but eventually the radiator will still need to be replaced. We can swap your radiators over, making sure that not only do you not have to lift a finger, but also take care of the technicalities like getting the correct size. We can even install your designer radiators, so you know you’ll be left with a fantastic looking finished product.


Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats have been slowly creeping in popularity, and definitely fit in with the 'automated home'. So if you’re looking to control your heating of your home when you’re not there, this is certainly the gadget for you, and something we can install easily for you.

ETM's skilled engineers will install any upgrades you require with minimal mess and disruption to your home, whilst maintaining the high quality we are known for. Not sure if you can budget for upgrades? If you pop into our showroom in Cannock we'll provide you with a free estimate so you don't get any nasty surprises in price.

Looking for upgrades to your system? Call our team at our Cannock offices for more information on how we can help.
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