Under Floor Heating Installed

Warm from the bottom up with under floor heating.

Are you looking for new ways to heat you home that really keeps the heat where you need it? Underfloor heating (UFH) could be the solution for you. As well as an absolute treat for your feet during the cold winter mornings, it's a great space-saver as well as an energy-efficient way to warm up your household.


There are plenty of benefits of underfloor heating:

There are no radiators to spoil the clean lines of a room, and space can be saved by freeing up a wall that would otherwise need to be dedicated to a radiator.

Underfloor heating is also an extremely efficient way to warm a room, and gives a more pleasant heat than radiators, stoves or traditional solid-fuel fires. Heat is emitted in a very gentle way. There are no cold spots and, as most of the heat is concentrated in the lower part of the room, very little heat is wasted.


Hot-water (or wet) systems

Wet systems basically use warm water from the central heating system. The water is pumped through plastic pipes that are laid on to a sub floor, before the new final surface is installed.

Underfloor heating of this type also reduces water-heating costs as it uses water at a lower temperature than standard radiators (about 40°C to 65°C to give a floor temperature of between 23°C and 32°C).


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