Maintenance for your central heating.

At Electrical Test Midlands Ltd our gas engineers will diagnose and repair your fault and will not recommend replacement parts or appliances unless there is a good reason. However if your boiler is old or uses a permanent pilot you should consider changing it for a new condensing boiler, as this will save you money on gas and help protect the environment.

All servicing is carried out to the manufacturers recommendations and original replacement parts are used, where possible. ETM’s Cannock gas engineers are all fully qualified and regularly update their skills to be compliant with all the latest procedures and technologies so that you, the customer, can be sure that all work that we undertake for you will be to the highest standard possible.

All work that we do will be guaranteed and with years of experience in the gas and plumbing trade we have built up a reliable reputation.


Power flushing

Power flushing is the process of pumping water and chemicals at a high pressure through your radiators, which will flush away any dirt that is causing your radiators to heat slow, or have a cold patch on a hot radiator.

This could save you money, as your house is being heated more efficiently, and your radiators may last a little longer.

Power flushing should always be carried out by someone who is fully qualified across central heating, and gas in general, so Gas Safe Registered engineers are a must, and you can expect no less from ETM.

Does your central heating system need maintenance, or would benefit from power flushing? Contact our friendly team today at our Cannock offices.
We are industry accredited & have a fully qualified workforce who are customer driven.