Gas Safe Certificates

Do you have gas safe certificates for your central heating?

Not even sure what a gas safe certificate is?

Well, after a Gas Safe registered engineer has fitted or serviced your gas appliance, they will often leave you with a report which explains what checks they performed. This report may be issued as a gas safety record, sometimes referred to as a gas safety certificate depending on the job you have asked them to do. It isn’t always a legal requirement for your engineer to give you this type of information, but many Gas Safe registered engineers will provide it or similar.

This information tells you that the gas appliance or gas fitting has been checked to see if it is working safely and meets the correct safety standards.

This information may also tell you when you next need to service the appliance. Remember it is important to get your appliances regularly serviced to make sure they are working efficiently and safely. You should also have a gas safety check done on all gas fittings and appliances every year.

But I am sure I have had a gas safety check before?

It's easy to get confused by gas safety checks and gas services, but they are two different things, with a service normally including a thorough cleaning of the appliance as well as the normal safety checks.

What are these safety checks?

  • Checking the flue or chimney to make sure the products of combustion (fumes) are being safely removed to outside.
  • Checking there is an adequate supply of fresh air so the gas burns properly.
  • Checking the appliance is burning the gas properly.
  • Checking all safety devices are working properly and shutting the appliance off if a fault occurs.

What do I need to do?

As a home owner, after a new gas appliance (excluding flueless cookers) has been fitted, the Building Regulations in England and Wales require that the installation must be notified to your Local Authority. Your engineer needs to do this. Once your engineer notifies they have fitted a new gas appliance in your home you will receive a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate.

ETM are Gas Safe registered, and have plenty of experience when it comes to gas testing in domestic homes. We're happy to go through any queries you may have, or just get on with the gas safety checks if you'd prefer. Whatever you need, our friendly team are here to help, and will talk through any work that is required.

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