Full Central Heating Installation

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There are a wide range of central heating systems available today, so knowing which to pick is a big decision. Which is where ETM step in. We currently work with three styles of system, which we’ve provided a little information about below.

Combination boiler systems

The combination boiler central heating system is easily the most popular today. These systems don’t require a feed tank, expansion tank or a hot water cylinder because they heat water as and when you need it. This means that they require a lot less space. They are also economical as they only heat the water that you need. A combi boiler heats water on demand requiring no tanks within the loft space.

Vented systems

These central heating systems use a boiler – either a regular boiler or a system boiler – to heat both the radiators and the hot water. The hot water circulates around the system and is then stored in a hot water cylinder until needed. The water that travels into the boiler for heating often comes from a feed tank or expansion tank in the loft space of the house and it ensures that the volume of water in the system is always at its optimum level.

In addition to the feed tank, there is normally a larger tank present as well that replenishes the hot water cylinder when water is used around the household. Water from this tank is drawn down into the system by the force of gravity alone – hence the name of the central heating system.

Unvented systems

These systems supply mains pressure hot water through the taps in your home. Water is drawn in from the cold water mains and is heated by your boiler. It is then stored in a storage tank until required. When you open a tap in the house, cold water from the mains forces the heated water into the central heating system and out through the tap. The pressure at the tap is the same as the pressure of the mains which in most cases is a lot higher than you would normally experience.

These particular central heating systems are great if you have a high mains pressure to start with but if the mains pressure is low then the system is unsuitable.

Whichever system you choose, ETM can deal with your installation from beginning to end, to make sure what can be a huge job, becomes relatively easy to manage, with minimal disruption and it's probably cheaper than you think. We'll even provide a free estimate if you pop into our showroom in Cannock.

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